PA & Backline

Is located in Dr. Wesselsgate 1 and has infrastructure that includes stage, dance hall, rehearsal rooms and showroom.

We are open to people in all stages of life. Our premises should be used to create tomorrow's art and develop new cultural expressions that challenge familiar definitions in "people to people" collaboration.

We can rig the Arena for 600 stands or 300 seats. With stage rugs we can divide the room into smaller zones so we can have an intimate concert, meetings etc. if need.

Do you want to rent the Arena for a meeting, private party, arrange a concert or for regular exercises. Contact us at

PA and backline at Ofelas Arena:
4 x Nexo GeoS1210
2 x Nexo GeoS1230
6 x Nexo LS18 sub
1 x NXAMP 4x4amp
8 x FTB StagemaxX MA12 Monitor
1 x SoundCraft SiE3 mixer

6 x dynamic vocal microphones
4 x dynamic instrument microphones
6 x high quality condenser microphones, two large diaphragm and four cigar
6 x high quality DI boxes
12 x large microphone stands with telescopic gallows, two with round feet.
8 x small microphone stands with telescopic gallows, 4 with round feet and one special for bass drum.

1 x HotRoad DeVille Guitar Amplifier
1 x AC30 Guitar Amplifier
1 x Peavey Classic 50. 4x12 Guitar Amplifier
1 x Eden 500w with 410 Flight top
1 x Ashdown may 2x10 combo. 500w Bass amp
1 x Korg SV1 Stage Piano

Drums: Pearl set. 3 tame, sharp, kick with all the necessary hardware.